Do “Opposites”!

[Spiritual SoundBite 1.26.10]

After my divorce and having gone through therapy during that time, I realized that I’ve been hard wired to think and behave in patterns that were unbeknownst to me. I quickly understood that I needed to gain awareness of what went on subconsciously because it is the very thoughts/beliefs that we are not aware of that affect our lives most.

Certainly therapy and journaling helped to reflect a few things. But I wanted to take some action. So I did an experiment for 1 month and I called it “Opposites”. I basically just opened myself up to new people and situations that I normally wouldn’t have been open to.

So if the next time someone asks you to go do something and your first response is your ‘usual response’–then do the opposite and see what happens! What have you got to lose? By doing “Opposites,” I gained a loving and spiritual companion.

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