YogaGals’ Beauty Maven

~by Diana S.

Ok, so my last article was very much a disclaimer article that I DO most certainly believe that what is foremost important in any skin regimen has nothing to do with the products you buy. That was done so that, today, I am afforded the opportunity to shamelessly indulge in my top 7 favorite products of 2009!  Let me be clear, earning the title of “Favorite” with me is not an easy task. I’ve tried everything and I don’t mess around with items that half-deliver. These would make excellent gifts for any of those lovely ladies in your life…including yourself!

7. Benefit Bronzer Hoola: Take a quick look at my picture and see how I’m one of the palest gals out there. It’s tough for us porcelain chics to get a good bronzer warmth without looking like we made out with that scary lady at the Mac counter. First let me say, Im not a fan of the Mariah Carey glitter bronzers, never have been, never will. I prefer the glow to look a bit more like my actual skin and not glitter from arts and crafts. This is why I love Hoola’s matte warmth, it’s sheer and, when mixed with a bit of face powder can be varying degrees of “warmth”. As a makeup artist I’ve found that the trick with bronzer is not to use those big bronzer brushes, just stick with your normal blush brush, tap off excess and swirl upward toward ears following the cheek bone. The deepest shade should be closest to your ear and keep it lighter moving toward the nose.

6. YSL Volumizing Mascara – In a word this mascara is: DIVINE. It’s the plumping without the clumping and the separating without the scary. It’s pitched as a “false eyelash” type of effect, but the mascara itself is buildable volume allowing you to control what your after –  from natural to Vegas showgirl.

5. Pureology Hydrating Shampoo – Smells so Yummy, extremely hydrating for the tired winter tresses. I hale from Chicago originally and have a whole “winter” regimen that doesn’t always apply to my new California days, however this shampoo isn’t overly heavy. I do, however, use a lighter/sheer conditioner after this type of shampoo on my hair so as not to weigh it down.

4. Tarte 4 Day Stay Mascara – another type of mascara, with an entirely different type of appeal. This mascara is marketed as an eyelash “stain” that is suppose to stay on your lashes for four days. Forget the four days part, don’t even let that enter your expectations on this one, besides that’s the least of my interests in this mascara. This could perhaps be called a “maybe 2-day’s if you’re not an eye-rubber” stay mascara, but even then I don’t care too much about the product longevity (although it does take some serious eye-makeup remover, DO NOT even attempt just face wash). What I am most into with this product is it’s deep pigment which leaves a really beautiful, natural black stain on the lashes…like a black sealant almost which doesn’t feel dry like a lot of other mascaras. Added bonus, if you let it dry for a few minutes then add another coat, you can create some seriously fun lash looks that do, in fact, stay.

3. Korres lip balm: First off, deeee-rish-us flavors and a nice healthy lip look, feels nourishing on, not overly matte nor overly shiny; it is however, one of those pot deals, which I’m not a huge fan of, but those of you who cling to your carmex-in-a -jar days may love the trip down memory lane. My favorite flavor is Guava.

2. Shiseido Utlimate Face 55: Hands down, one of the best nourishing UVB sunscreens I’ve found and believe me, I’ve tried many; it contains a lot of healing properties in addition to providing nice moisturizing without pore-clogging oils. Also, unlike many sunscreens out there, it doesn’t leave a ghostly cast of white that sits on top of your face, but absorbs nicely. I also enjoy knowing my face is totally covered when I’m hiking in Griffith; and although I know my spirit to be ageless, I have zero interest in my skin trying hard to play Devil’s Advocate.

1. Ole Henrickson Sheer Transformation: A sheer skin treatment that contains what is called a “free radical scavenger” to repair and protect. It also has skin-toning extracts such as Licorice Root to help fade discoloration and leave skin more even-toned. Also, an excellent moisturizer to prep skin for makeup, it’s sheer layer absorbs quickly and leaves a perfect surface for makeup to apply evenly. I use this on all of my makeup clients and every one of them LOVES it, spanning ages and skin types. But, what of these “repairing” promises you ask, I will answer with what every product purchaser hopes to hear: I felt and saw impressive results immediately which seemed to grown upon further use.

So there you have it, the products you can buy with confidence that may just sweep you off your feet, having you coo “You’re My Favorite”.

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