Nashville Here I Am!

Well, I arrived in Nashville and sweet Jimmy came to pick me up at the airport. We were making our way towards his ma & pa’s house when I noticed a very beautiful cemetary. He turns into it and shows me  and the stone that his ma & pa have reserved for themselves. I thought that was so sweet. I had noticed the cemetary because it seemed as if every tomb stone had fresh flowers sitting next to it–so it just looked like a field of fresh flowers.

We got stuck in some nasty traffic on the “scenic route” he was taking me through and we got hungry. So we turned into the Olive Garden that was conveniently there. I hadn’t been to one in ages but welcome the all you can eat salad and soup option. Once my salad came the waiter said something, but I had no idea he was asking me a question till Jimmy, “hon…he’s talking to  you.” and I looked at him and he said it again. and I had NO idea what he was saying. Jimmy translated and said, “he’s asking if you want some cheese.” (y’allwantsomecheeseonthaaaat)

I’ll be posting photos soon of Jimmy’s family…they are the sweetest and his nieces are so adorable. I have yet to meet his nephews which I’m sure are just as sweet. His dad looks like Colonel Sanders (the KFC guy) and his mom is like the sweetest Paula Dean. More later…

p.s. Now I know why Jimmy is such a ‘southern’ gentleman! He comes from the greatest family. 🙂

p.p.s. Going to try a southern yoga class today! I can’t wait!


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