My Last Day in Bali…(kind of)

This was my last full day in Bali! All of yesterday I was thinking about how I wanted to spend my last day here and it wasn’t much different than how I’ve been spending it everyday! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  So that was a good sign that I’ve been really enjoying each day to its fullest–no regrets on what I haven’t done or seen here.

I started out with breakfast with Anriikka and then Dan, one of the Alaskan hippies and I went into town. He needed to go to his usual shop to get some shirts made and I went to Bali Buddha to get some snacks for the plane ride home. I’m totally hooked on their homemade honey-coconut-oat cookies and cassava chips (made from the yucca root). I also splurged and got some peanut butter cookies but they’re not nearly as good as the other cookies. Then I went next door to Ganesha Bookshop and got a few CDs I thought would be nice for massage & yoga sessions. Dan and I continued on towards the direction of Gusti (GOOSE-tee), our drum teacher–one of the main reasons of going into town besides getting my cookies. On the way, we stopped by Tutmak–one of my favorite spots for eating nasi campur, drinking a bintang or enjoying a mango lassie. Sitting by the open window that overlooks the soccer field, we cooled down with our drinks and hummus snack. At one point I said I wondered what time it was to Dan and he says, “It doesn’t matter!”…hahaha…I love that! I want to say that the next time someone asks me in LA–they’ll think I’m crazy!

My first drum lesson EVER--My first lesson with Gusi--AND My first of many lessons in Bali!

We didn’t have a formal appointment with Gusti for a drum lesson but Dan stopped by the shop yesterday and the girl working there said Gusti would be in after 11am today. It’s kinda how things work in Bali…you just tell someone where you’ll be and they either show up or don’t and it’s no big deal. So we showed up, Gusti was there,ย  and the 3 of us sat down and he showed us how to play! So far I really love the Samba beat.

Gusti is awesome at playing and I got to capture a bit of his talent on video. Glad I can share this here! My hands got a little sore and red so I took a break while Dan continued to jam with Gusti…

…oh, and in case you’re wondering why I said this was “kinda” my last day here, I’ll be back for an intensive study program in a few months! More on that later…


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