What I’m looking forward to…

in going back to LA:

(the top 2 are tied)

1. Seeing Jimmy & my family!

1. **Relief and reprieve from mosquito & random bug bites **…sorry this might be #1

3. My shower with regular water pressure.

4.Having a fresh & new perspective on life and having this come through my teaching and everything else I do.

What I’ll miss when I’m in LA:

1. The roosters waking me up naturally at 6am.

2. The healthy, organic veggies & food that’s been cooked for me everyday.

3. My breakfast routine with Anriikka.

4. The humidity in the air–I haven’t once had to use lotion or any chapstick!

I’m determined to bring back a bit of the slower rhythm of life from Bali and to enjoy Los Angeles with a fresh mind:

Changes I’m going to incorporate into my life for 2010:

1. Go visit a museum at least 1x/month.

2. Make an attempt to see more film–inde/foreign.

3. Listen to more live music–preferably classical.

4.Find a weekly drum circle or lessons I can take.

5. Incorporate more play time into the day time.

6. To be more focused on one task per day.

7. To not put so much stress & pressure on myself to get so much done in a day and to be aware of the invisible shackles I put on myself at my desk!

8. To live completely and fully in each moment by paying attention to my breath and how I’m feeling.


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