i never…mma…iPod challenged

Random Thoughts…

If Yogis were playing the drinking game “I Never”, instead of drinking, they’d instead do Yoga Poses!

I’ve been sleeping so much! I go to bed around 9:30pm and wake up at 6:15—but feeling like I can sleep some more. If it weren’t for my yoga practice, I probably would. My dreams have been so lucid and active—very active dreams. For example, I dreamt that I was trying out different MMA techniques to fight an old guy at a party. It was so strange. But it felt very real. It must have tired me out in my sleep cuz I was sure as hell tired when I woke up. I did chokes with my arms when I was behind him and then I did chokes with my legs when we were on the ground—just the way Jimmy showed me at home.

And this is REALLY embarrassing. But I’ve never used iTunes or have I had the chance to download music to the iPod that Jimmy got me in February. I’ve recorded live talkes/lectures to my iPod but haven’t done any fun stuff on it. Well, I ripped all my favorite music to my PC’s Media Player and then tried putting it on my iPod, but found out it needs to be from iTunes. So I downloaded iTunes and it automatically transferred all my songs over. So I thought, cool!…now I can just sync it with my iPod. So I plugged my iPod in and it was syncing! So I thought, “yay! I’ll be able to listen to my favorite music like everyone else does!” I unplugged my iPod and it says “N0 Music”—I don’t get it??? 😦


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