My Lifelong Practice…oh, the gratefulness!

This is my first trip in taking to study Ashtanga with different teachers abroad. My teachers Heather & Prem are from the U.S., Los Angeles and Arizona respectively. I’ve never studied with any other teachers than the one I do with in LA so I didn’t know what to expect. I was recommended to Heather by my good friend Alicia. So I looked into their teaching and into Bali and that’s how I ended up here. And from what I’ve experienced so far in practicing with them, it is no mere accident that I chose to come here. They are amazing teachers who are respectful of each individual’s body & practice and doesn’t give more or less than what’s needed. Their adjustments are amazing and there’s a beautiful balance between the female & male energy in having them as teachers. Prem’s been studying & practicing for over 30 years and Heather, over 20.

My Shala in Bali

I feel so lucky that I’ve found this practice. Each morning when I go to the shala (studio) to do my practice, it reveals something new to me. Perhaps subtleties I hadn’t realized until something was pointed out. What’s amazing about this practice, is that you can go anywhere in the world, step into an Ashtanga studio and you can do your practice! The teacher may be different, but the fundamentals are there. It’s rooted deep in tradition and in its teachings. It’s almost like Catholicism, in that, you can go to mass anywhere in the world and know what to expect. It may be in a different language, but the fundamental teachings and the traditional practice is the same! The practice has been passed down from generation to generation.


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