handy dandy…gecko poop greetings

I’m so glad I brought my head lamp for camping here. Often times, the power goes out and I remember reading in my Lonely Planet book that electricity needs to be conserved here!

Thank god I have my handy dandy headlamp!

The first I do when I wake up in the morning is walk to the bathroom. And each morning, I find a strange looking little brown thing in my tub. I always thought it was something from a tree that maybe blew in or dropped from the slight opening in the roof. Well,  yesterday when we had a group Q&A at the yoga shala, my teacher picked up his remote for the ipod player, looks up at the ceiling, and says, “that big guy up there just dropped a big turd on my remote!”…and he was referring to the gecko! So now the mystery is solved.

I woke up this morning and have a piece of gecko poop in my tub—it was kinda endearing I must say! It’s nice having them around because they eat all the bugs that come out at night.

Greeted with Gecko poop in the tub each morning!


One thought on “handy dandy…gecko poop greetings

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