eco-friendly farm…spirit traveling…healing man

My new yogi friend, Yoko from Japan and I went to a factory nearby where they make natural soaps, lotions, candles, bath scrubs, massage oils, and essential oils. She’s been there before and so when she said “factory”, I was expecting to arrive at some industrial steel building–but not so. This place was amidst rice fields and the lush tropics of Bali—about a 5-minute ride from where we’re staying in Nyuh Kuning village. It’s a factory that uses organic ingredients grown with sustainable farming—a farm where we had lunch!

Utama Spice, the factory in the midst of rice fields

Me & Yoko Utama Spice--the factory

Afterwards, Koni—who is a tour guide and has his shop set up next to my hotel, took us for lunch at Sari Organik—an all organic & sustainable farm that has a healthy café set right in the middle of the rice fields. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the city street where we parked the car and walked into this magical place. I had more gado gado—fresh vegetables with a peanut sauce—it’s one of my favorite traditional Indonesian dishes here and this one came with crispy, tempura-like, battered leaves instead of the usual chips I get. It was so deliciously satisfying to eat my gado gado and enjoy the cool breeze that swept through the rice paddies. We had a 3-4 hour lunch just enjoying each other’s company and conversation—sharing about each of our lives in the U.S., Japan, and in Bali.

Koni & his lunch @ Sari Organik Farm & Cafe

You know what’s amazing? I found out that Koni has never taken antibiotics before in his life. If he ever gets sick, he sees his healer, whom he calls ‘teacher’. He can just call his teacher in Java and his teacher will already know what’s wrong and advises him over the phone on what herbs to take. I asked him why he calls him ‘teacher’ and he says that he learns many things about life through this man. Koni went thru a divorce years ago and at the time was struggling with his business—he felt very sad, had no appetite, felt very lonely, and lost a lot of weigh. He says his teacher brought him back to life by giving him blessed water and gave him many blessings as well…and today he says he’s flourishing with his business and in life and he’s very happy.

The people of Bali talk about ‘energy’ a lot. Their faith and spirituality are such a part of who they are, it’s not weird to have a conversation about spirit travel or ask who their healer is. It’s just a part of their life—it’s like asking you what you had for lunch today! I really love that and wish it was more of a common conversation we have in the U.S…”Where did your meditation take you to today…oh, South America! I traveled to Mongolia today!”


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