Do I lek lak I’d Eat Deck?

I went for a walk into town today around 4pm. It’s really the best time to walk around here when the sun is just setting and the clouds are rolling in for the rainy nights. After being here for a week now, I’ve realized that all the shops around here are the same: nice beaded jewelry, handbags, playful paintings of animals balance fruit on their heads, sundresses, and wood carvings.

I was walking along Monkey Forest Road when a sweaty old man with dirty blond hair hopped off his motorcycle ride and said “excuse me!” and I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or the waitress standing outside the restaurant I was about to pass. So I said “me?” and he said, “yeah, you lek lak you’d eat some dek!” …yes, that’s my attempt at mimicking an Australian accent. And I replied, “and you lek lak you’d know where the whore house is!”…no, I didn’t say that, but I should’ve. He was looking for some restaurant that supposedly served the best duck in town.

Here’s another video of another routine walk through Monkey Forest Road into town.


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