Cocka-Doodle-Doo!…and other creatures

The internet here has been shoddy—sometimes it works very fast, sometimes very slow, and sometimes not at all—thus the couple of days of not writing!

The day seems to go by so quickly here and I don’t even do much. It’s been nice being in the natural rhythm of life: waking up not to the annoying buzz of an alarm clock, but to a symphony of “cocka-doodle-doooos!” in the morning, and then going to my yoga practice for 2 hours. Then having breakfast and afterwards, laying out by the pool or getting

Laying out by the salt water pool in Seminyak with friends

a massage. Around noon or 1 o’clock, I lunch at a nearby café or stroll into town and by the time I know it, it’s already 4pm and the whole day has passed! How do I seem to get so much done in one day in LA? Or maybe I should ask, why do I attempt to squeeze so much in, in one day?

I visited former bosses of mine—Sophie & JC of Yogi Times Magazine. They live in Seminyak, which is 1 hour South of where I’m staying. It’s a town full of upscale cuisine,  designer shops, and hip bars for those who want a nightlife. I spent the night and got totally eaten up my mosquitoes—with 27 bites on my left arm and 17 bites on my right, not to mention the annoying bites between my toes and on my legs. Thankfully, I have several types of ointments and sprays to help remedy the itchiness and redness. I am so allergic to bites that they swell up and then turn into welts. When I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii with my first husband, we went for a hike and my forearm got bit and swelled up so badly that I had to go to the ER and get a steroid shot!

Me & JC by the pool

Because I could feel the bites on the bottom of my feet and on my legs during practice on Sunday, I started getting pissed off . But I had to let it go and thought to myself, “I got mosquito bites because I’m WHERE & doing WHAT?!” So everything got put back into perspective and came back to the gratefulness of it all. 🙂

Enzo--the cutest French kid in Bali (Sophie & JC's prince)

JC, me, & Sophie--eating dinner at local Seminyak warung by the beach

I really love Bali and now know why people call this paradise: The people are so friendly; the art, furniture, clothing, kitchenware, jewelry, and everything else they make are so beautiful; the food is freshly picked, bought, & cooked; everything is so green & lush; and everyone and everything just seems to live in natural harmony—from the lizards that crawl in and out of my villa, to the geckos and frogs that croack at night, to the beautiful butterflies that flutter about. It seems as though life is just lived and enjoyed today and tomorrow is not worried about.

local fruit market--lots of mangosteens!!

Dinner with Phillipe, Enzo, & Sophie--Phillipe & his girlfriend Audrey are visiting from France


3 thoughts on “Cocka-Doodle-Doo!…and other creatures

  1. that’s what I miss about my country, easy to get fresh veggies and fruits even very cheap, street vendors or ‘warung’, people are not as busy as here to get money. We can live very cheap but enjoyable. I often complaint to Jerome bcs since we move here his life is very busy with all his schedule, totally different than when we lived in Indonesia or Cambodia.

    • yes, i agree! people work here but also take the time to enjoy life. it’s very different from the states. i think it’s a mindset. it’s certainly shifting the way i want to live. it seems as though people here spend time with each other–just sitting, hanging out, talking–in the states we have to schedule a time to do that with friends!

  2. Enzo has grown up so much! And he looks so much like Sophie, they even tilt their heads the same way 🙂 Glad to see they are all doing well.

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