The Packing Pile is Growing!

I went to American Apparel today to get the last of a few items I need for my trip. I love their cotton spandex leggings that only go down to my calves for practicing yoga and also got a few more tank tops.ย  I also went to Nature Mart to get a few snacks for the plane ride: Barbara’s Wheatines (like Saltines, except they’re made of whole wheat) and some Sea Chips (made of several types of seaweed)…I hope these chips don’t have an offensive smell–guess I’ll find out!

My Growing Pile to Pack!

My mind is already in Bali…sitting by the pool in my bathing suit, enjoying the warm rays of the sun with my oversized sunglasses and a big smile on my face, and thinking ‘I made it!’. Now my body just needs to catch up! ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “The Packing Pile is Growing!

  1. don’t pack so many. I bet you’ll shop a lot there, Bali has everything and cheap. Have a safe trip Dear and have fun in Bali!

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