Cryling like a little girl

I went to visit my parents today to see them before I leave for Bali. They’re also letting me borrow a bigger suitcase as well as some other odds & ends like a cord adaptor for my laptop, a laptop bag, and my dad had a shit load of those surgeon masks to cover your nose & mouth with–he says that if I happen to sit next to someone on the plane who’s coughing or sneezing, I should put one on. Hell yeah I will! I don’t care if I look like creepy Jack-O…if it’s going to prevent me from getting sick, I’ll do it!

And then I totally wasn’t expecting this, but they gave me a check to help out with the expenses on my trip! As soon as my mom gave it to me, my eyes instantly welled up. I was just so overcome with gratefulness and gave each of them a big hug. They were so supportive–from my mom helping me to pick out the right suitcase to my dad handing me

Crying like a little girl while driving from Diamond Bar back to LA

all those face masks. I don’t know if it was the sappy classical music that turned on when I started my car or if it’s

because I’m pms’ing, but as we said our good-byes and I drove away, I started crying again.

I think they were tears of thankfulness & gratefulness.ย  I felt like I had my parents’ blessing for this trip. Even as I write that last sentence, I feel my eyes getting wet. It’s not that I was seeking for their approval or anything, but up until today, I hadn’t realized how important this trip means to me. For me, this is a big trip. By “big trip” I not only mean the distance and miles I’ll be flying but I feel like this trip is somehow symbolic of all that I have gone through this past year, all that I have accomplished, AND all that I have to look forward to.ย  It seems to be a culmination of closing one chapter and beginning a new one. And it’s a journey Iย  must I take alone. Whether or not they know that, it doesn’t matter. I feel their love & support for me and that’s all I need. ๐Ÿ™‚


One thought on “Cryling like a little girl

  1. I’m so happy for you Stella. We have exchanged stories about seeking our parents’ support and this blog entry just shows me how much your parents are really proud of you. You are such an inspiration! Travel safe as you journey across the globe!

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