The Power of Your Breath

Often times when I am doing massage therapy on a client, I am amazed at how little they breathe. I’ll notice their breath is very shallow. For example, today, I was working on a patient at the medical office I’m a part of once a week, and a man came in with lower back pain. It wasn’t caused by an injury but was actually caused by having recently joined a boot camp at the gym and the lack of stretching. As I worked on his glutes & hips with my elbows, I had to tell him to take in deep breaths periodically. We could both feel the muscles relaxing & letting go with each breath he took. He was amazed at how his muscles released and how much better he felt! It’s always amazing to witness someone discovering the power of their breath!

All it takes is 1 deep breath to feel so much better! Try it right now. Take another one. See how good that feels? Connect to your breath and stay connected by coming to class tonight!  ♥

P.S. Lets stay in touch when I’m in Bali! Check back frequenly–I’ll be writing and posting my photos & adventures…so subscribe or just bookmark this!

YOGA CLASS w/ Stella
Tuesdays, 6:15-7:30pm (all levels) $10
Thursdays, 10-11am (gentle) $10
1530 Hillhurst Avenue (community conference room)
Silverlake 90027

park on the street or in the lot (free), mats provided or better yet, bring your own!
Starting December 1st, my dear friend and one of the most fantastic teachers in LA, Gage Bock, will be your guest teacher. Please come experience her heart opening classes: Same times/Same days. Please note there is no Tuesday night class on 12/29.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.


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