Make-Over Show Wrap Party!

Last night was the wrap party for the make-over I was on. It was held at a bar in Santa Monica called The Daily Pint. I was really excited to go to the party because 1.) I’ve never been to a wrap party 2.) I couldn’t wait to see all the familiar faces I had spent all those hours with again! and 3.) they finished filming their last girl yesterday so it was a big celebration for everyone involved.

I got to see the beautiful  *** again, host of the make-over show, and also got to meet her adorable husband. I have a great photo of them, but can’t post it here (yet!). I also noticed when I walked into the bar, that a few people were staring at me as if they knew me. I didn’t think anything of it, but I met them as the night went on and found out that they’re editing my tape this week! So they know all about me. It was kinda weird meeting strangers who already knew so much about me. Here are some photos I can reveal with some of the friendly faces I got to share my time with during that life-transforming week:



Aaron, Producer of "What I Hate About Me" & me

Tasha, make-up artist & me

Terry--the editor! He knew everything about me already 🙂

Chad (from "Baston")--he was my hero every day--driving me safely to where I need to be everyday safely in the vanmobile

The 2 *BEST* Cameramen in the World!



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