Are You Overlooking the Two Greatest Paths to Gorgeous Skin?

YogaGals’ Beauty Maven

Diana S.

Yes, I am a self-proclaimed product whore, I’m not going to lie: my beauty arsenal is like a mini-Sephora. I’ve been this way all my life, indulging in the heaven of testing new products and sharing with the world (usually first done through a victory phone lap with my 10 closest girlfriends) on what is worth purchasing. What you call “purchasing” I refer to as my own version of being “Product-ive”. The point being, this girl likes to buy herself whatever it is that will make her skin look and feel gorgeous. And after all of this time, research, and investment of what to use on your skin, I will to reveal to you two of the greatest skin secrets I’ve come to know and trust that have absolutely nothing to do with products.
The first is: Your Diet. Yep. That’s right. You and your $50 facelift-in-a jar cream may not want to hear it, but it all starts there. Similar to most things in life, you will save yourself a ton of money, time and frustration but getting to the root of your problem. Many of the products you may currently be using are addressing the symptoms of what is actually your body’s communication to you that it’s lacking something. A few of such things in which you may be lacking: Water. I challenge you to commit to drinking 2.5 – 3 liters of water throughout the day for 2 weeks and watch your skin transform. After two weeks, you’ll see such a difference you’d be crazy not to keep it up. Yes, you’re going to pee a lot at first, but your body will soon begin to use the water more efficiently. Also try adding some lemon which will cue your body to recognize the water as “food”, so it actually “uses” it instead of passing it through while adding an extra detoxification effect. Next, look at what you’re eating, if your aware that you’re not getting a strong mix of fruits and vegetables every day, you need to make sure you’re taking a quality food-based broad spectrum vitamin. One of my fav’s is Rainbow Light, Advanced Nutrition with Antioxidant Support. Of course, ideally all of your vitamins and nutrients would come through your food (or the sun), but if your not getting it that way, at least buy a high-quality food-based vitamin. Lastly, are you getting enough healthy Omega 3’s? Your hair and skin will be the first tell-tale signs if you’re not, usually that dry ruddy, hit the face with a frying pan look that we all love. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend. Be sure to take your vitamins and oil with food and store them in a cool place. This extra support will make a huge difference in not only the way your skin looks but how you feel.
The second key to gorgeous skin: letting go. Our face, like our bodies, is a map of our experience. When we hold fear, anger, worry, guilt, resentment, sadness or regret….it becomes stored in our system as a story, often times in that beautiful little diary of your face. Take a moment to look at what you’ve been holding on to in your life. Is there someone you haven’t forgiven, could that person possibly be yourself? Is there some choice you made that you haven’t quite been able to come to terms with in regards to its consequence? Is there an ex-lover, ex-job…or current lover or current job that keeps you holding tightly out of fear? Take a look at this stuff, acknowledge it, thank it for its lesson, then send it on its merry little way. You can try envisioning it all being absorbed by a brilliant clear bubble that simply floats out of your space toward the sun. There’s so much to experience in this life, there’s never any reason to hold on. Something more exciting, more amazing and more beautiful is simply waiting for you to let go of that other junk so it has somewhere to land in your life….Like your pretty little face.

One thought on “Are You Overlooking the Two Greatest Paths to Gorgeous Skin?

  1. I love that you share two things we can do for ourselves BY ourselves … w/o the ‘help’ of some gimicky product. I’ve actually given up on the ‘miracle in a jar’ and gone back to basics and, yes, my skin’s never looked better (except for maybe in HS). A great and fun article! Thank you!!

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