Day#5: Make-Over Show

Style Network Studios

E! Style G4 Studios

It’s a wrap!…that’s TV lingo for “we’re done!” What an awesome experience and fabulous week. I truly feel beautiful for the first time! I mean, that might sound silly, but it’s really the first time I felt and was able to say out loud, “I feel beautiful!” and genuinely mean it AND not feel like I was bragging–because I OWNED it.*snap*snap*snap* (can you hear the attitude already?!)

The day started with us going to Pasadena to meet an expert to the stars like Halle Berry, Carmen Electra, and Tyra banks (just to name a few hotties), and I got my *** done by him. He was super cute and he made me look amazing! It’s something I’ve always wanted done but didn’t know was possible. He gave me a great *** and then a relaxed and sexy ***…and PA-POW! Just like that *snap of the fingers* I was instantly glamified.

Equipment truck

Crew unloading their equipment for the first scene

After our first shoot it was off to the E! Style G4 studios to get glammin’ and slammin’ for the last shoot. I got all dolled up in my outfit, my heels, my earrings, got my makeup done, and it was back on “white space” where I started my first day. Here, I got to share (or SHOUT!) what I loved about my “day” and how amazing I felt.

White Space in Studio

Shooting in White Space at the Studio

Honestly, this whole week has been like one huge therapeutic session in the form of fun and entertainment with an underlying theme of: Beauty comes from within. I learned that I need to truly love myself–not in a conceited way, but to truly and genuinely know that I’m enough, that I DESERVE to be happy, and that I’m worth it. Each day I was in awe about how much time and energy these people have put into helping ME! ‘Lil ‘ole me! When the cameras, the lights, and all the equipment had to get set up each day, I was always in awe that this was all to shoot ME! That experts were lined up to teach and show me how to feel and look beautiful. I’ve NEVER had so much attention and energy put into me…and it felt AWESOME! I felt so special. Through this whole process this week with the experts and with everyone I met, I got to SEE myself in a whole new light. I got to see myself as a mature WOMAN. I feel and look beautiful and I’m fully ready to OWN it. When I started to share this on camera, the crew and producers started getting all teary eyed and it was such a genuine moment of witnessing ME fully stepping into my womanhood and owning it.

Dressing Room

Final Day in the Dressing Room

I feel strong. I feel confident. And most of all, I feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside. I’m so ready to take on the world, firmly rooted, confident, owning me, committed to me and where I stand. MMMMEOW…hear me roar, I am STELLA(R)!

P.S.  The show ‘s called “What I Hate About Me” and premieres January 2 at 9pm on Style. Stay tuned for when my 1-hour episode is on!  mmmuah


3 thoughts on “Day#5: Make-Over Show

  1. Stella-
    I love that you shared your journey with the show here on the blog. Such an inspiring series of posts. I can’t wait to see the show and for all those stars to be filled in in these posts!


  2. Stella! This is so exciting to read. I am so happy for you! You are an inspiring yoga teacher and so deserving of the makeover week. Can’t wait to see the show.

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