Day#2:Make-Over Show

What a fantastic day! It just keeps getting better…although its only been the second day, it seriously just keeps getting better and better! They filmed at my place today and I was amazed at how they turned my tiny bungalow into a live studio. They were able to fit all the lighting and sound equipment into my tiny space AND fit 10 people in there all at once! Ahhh…the magic of TV.

Live Studio Inside

We're Live @ the YogaGals' studios!

live studio (outside)

Live Studio

The lunch was fantastic–zucchini pancakes, brown rice with yummy veggies, fresh tossed salad, and delicious home potatoes. I being fed way too good and I have a feeling I’m going to eat waaay too much this week.

craft services @ my bungalow

lunch: zucchini pancakes, brown rice & veggies, fresh salad

We started at 7:30am and shot way into the night till 8:30pm! I have a new found sense of appreciation for goes into a TV show now.

Ok…I’ll cut to the chase. The most fantastic part of the today was when I was surprised by       … and got some sexy        …. and then met          …who taught me how to      … yeah sorry, you’re gonna have to wait for the show to air in January!

I have NO IDEA what’s going to happen tomorrow…all I know is that mom is joining me at some point when she’s picked up and whisked away from Diamond Bar to meet us and Jimmy will be joining us in the afternoon. I’m so excited! Stay tuned…


Even though it's night time, it's magically still "daylight" inside the house!


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