Day#1: Make-Over Show

omg…i’m so excited. It’s the first day I’m getting filmed for my make-over show. I got picked to be on a new Style Network make over show. Every time I share this exciting news with someone, their first response is–why do YOU need a makeover? Well, this show isn’t just about a physical makeover but it’s really any area of my life I’d like help with, want to change, or want to improve–it’s anything from personal to home improvement. I had to fill out a questionnaire about things I’d want to change and one of them was “Paul”–the bunion on my left foot. He doesn’t hurt me, but since I was a kid, it’s difficult finding cute shoes. Going to any school dances was a pain in the ass–I’d have to go to Naturalizer to get pumps…most people probably associate the store with their grandmother–not a 16 year old girl

Paul the Bunion

Paul the Loveable Bunion

trying to find prom shoes. But all in all, Paul is probably a blessing in disguise–I have no calluses, corns, blisters, or scarred feet from the stilettos I could never wear and I have not back pain from the 5 inch heels that Paul so vehemently protested against. Thanks Paul!

So you’re probably wondering–what are they going to makeover on you? Well, I don’t know and I won’t know till the day of filming–so every day this week will be full of surprises! I love surprises! I’m getting picked up by a P.A. soon–what does that stand for? Shows you how little I know about TV.


3 thoughts on “Day#1: Make-Over Show

  1. Hi.. I loved the pictures.. I didn’t have the gaul to take em when I was doing the shoot.. lol.. I snuck one pic of Lisa Arch when she wasn’t looking.. hhaha.. wasn’t the 1st day, the HARDEST… On the 3rd day, I actually had a sugar attack and almost passed out.. I had no idea what a 17 hour day felt like til I did this show.. Have you see the commercial yet? I havne’t.. but people keep telling me about it.. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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