Revving up …

The last time I traveled to another country, it was to Vietnam with my mother in 2004. That was my last vacation (besides my honeymoon in Hawaii in 2006). When I got there, my stomach got way sick and I had unpredictable diarrhea–the worst kind!…not that there is any “good” kind. But, what I found out later on, was that after having your gall bladder removed (which I did), you are plagued with what’s called “dumping syndrome”. Because the gallbladder stores bile that’s produced from the liver to digest fats & oils, I no longer had a gallbladder to do that for me. Thus, when I ate any fats or oils, it went directly to my small intestine without getting absorbed or digested and went straight from the small intestine and out my crap shooter. I’m going way off on a tangent here…

Maco Greens

So besides reading my Bali guide books, I’m revving up my immune system to ward and fight off any germs, bacteria, and other invisible ickies. I’m taking my multi-vitamins, Vitamin C,  probiotics, and I’ve started drinking Macro Greens–1 Tablespoon offers 5 servings of fruits & veggies. But besides that, it’s loaded with super foods, probiotics, anitoxidants, fiber, and metabolic herbs. I mix this with 2 TBS of liquid B complex in the morning and I feel fantastic for the rest of the day! I LOVE coffee and never would have thought I’d stop drinking it, but I feel so good after drinking Macro Greens in the morning that I don’t need my coffee anymore!…and I have SO much energy my morning yoga practice too.

I’ve also been really into studying the pH of foods. Most of us are acidic, so these Macro Greens helps to alkalize our body and bring us back to our pH balance. I’ve also learned through reading about how important it is to keep our bodies in an alkaline state. When the body is too acidic, fat just gloms on to the body to protect itself from the acid–otherwise, you’d die! So if someone has extra fat, they are acidic in nature and what needs to be fixed isn’t the fat, but the acidity of the body! The fat is just a bi-product of the acidic nature in the body. Isn’t that wild?! More to come about this as I finish reading & studying about this. And lets see if all this preparation with vitamins and Greens pays off…

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